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We are very fortunate to have been given the following pieces of art by the various artists. The objective is to sell them on behalf of Friends whose funds go towards the restoration of our beautiful Church. Serious offers only please. For further information, please email us via mail tab below, or go to our contact pageā€¦
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‘Winter Moors ‘Acrylic. Silver frame with brown mount.
by Nikki Griffith.

RRP £100 offers please.

A charcoal and pastel drawing, framed entitled “Autumn Mist’ by Artist David Lay.

RRP £175

An oil on canvas entitled
‘Girl at the loom’
by Malcolm Ritchie

RRP £90

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An acrylic box canvas entitled ‘Rye Harbour”
by Yvonne Hutchcraft.

RRP £100

An acrylic on canvas entiteled “Avenging Angel’
by Norma Pocher

RRP £100

A pastel drawing of St Stephen’s Church Lympne, Kent
by John Sussams, framed.

RRP £75

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A graphite drawing entitled ‘Victorian Girl’
by Malcolm Ritchie. Framed.

RRP £240

An oil on board entitled ‘Dahlias’ by Margaret Young. Framed

RRP £100

A dry-point print with chine colle and a monoprint. It is one of a series of little prints of French buildings, and its title is Clocheton.
Artist Catherine Robinson.

RRP £120 offers please

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A watercolour entitled ‘Amaryllis’ by Christine Crane

RRP £80

An acrylic canvas entitled ‘Bluebell Woods’. Blean
by Wendy Mills.

RRP £95

An oil on board entitled
‘Flowers in a vase’
by Margaret Young. Framed

RRP £100

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A framed oil on board painting entitled ‘Winter Landscape ‘
By Christopher Bone

RRP £100

who we are
The Friends of St Mary and St Eanswythe Parish Church began on 21st March 2014 and is dedicated to the preservation of St Mary and St Eanswythe's Church.

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what we do
Our sole aim is to raise funds all of which will be devoted to the upkeep of the building and to the furthering of public understanding of its history, architecture and significance.